Welcome to my studio

I enjoy creating whimsical works of artistic expression with odd and unique objects found in my usual haunts of used goods and antique shops, recycle stores, garage sales, rummage events and from many of our community fundraising organizations.

Discovering these unique pieces, my creative designs take form for garden art sculpture, fountains, birdbaths, interior home, store and office d├ęcor, and a cornucopia of seasonal and special event decorations, especially for large decorative urns, doorways, mantels and table settings. Much of my work is commissioned by clients to match their personal space and/or enhance their own creative expression for events.

My design background includes working with retail/office windows, theatre stage and film sets, interior home design, hand-painted wall coverings and trade shows.

I enjoy doing hosting, spokes-person and modeling assignments. You can find some portfolio work on this site and at these sites.

In the commerce side of the house, I create value for my clients as an experiential marketer, consumer brand developer and sales agent. Investing in and bringing to market entrepreneurial products and services to empower and heal people continues to be my passion, living/working in Europe, USA and Canada during my career.

Currently, I am a co-founder of a digital fundraising platform and a stewardship knowledgebank in-launch providing self-sovereign healthcare data-key-point management services. Connect with me through LinkedIn .

Thank you for dropping in. With kind regards,